Getting Started

Welcome to the Cloud!

Cloud computing solutions have been around for a couple of years now, but they have remained out of reach for most individual website operators.  The benefits of cloud computing are many, including access to massive amounts of computing power and storage that is directly connected to the Internet by extremely fast circuits.  This allows all cloud based websites to load faster and modern database driven sites (like those built on WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) see their performance greatly enhanced.  As great as the benefits are of cloud computing the costs tend to keep it out of reach of most website owners.   We are here to change that.

Community Based Hosting

After using cloud based computing solutions for our own projects the Gowtz admins realized that there was a way to make cloud computing available to individuals and small business.  We call this model “Community Based Hosting”.  What that means is that the cost of hosting in the cloud – for individual website owners – can be greatly reduced when a small community shares the resources of a powerful cloud based server environment.

By sharing resources across the entire community, reliability and performance become affordable for every member.

What do you mean by sharing the costs?

Creating a cloud based web hosting environment costs both time on the part of IT professionals and money to reserve computing power, storage space and bandwidth.  By spreading that cost over an entire community we can keep the cost down for each participant.

For example, we use a community bandwidth pool to avoid passing the cost of premium bandwidth directly on to community members.

What this means is that while each member of the community has an allotment of data transfer (7.5Gb for Personal Hosting and 12Gb for Business Hosting) no member of the community will be charged for going over their personal allotment unless the allotment for the entire community is consumed. This makes overage charges less likely for all members, and members who stay within their allotment will never pay an overage charge.  However, if one or more community members utilize more than their allotment for the month AND there is insufficient unused bandwidth in the community bandwidth pool to absorb their overage, members with overages will be billed for the extra resources they have consumed.